Surf Spot Guide Siouville

FoamieCrews spot guide for the Normandy west coast! In the North of France, Siouville and its surrounding Sciotot and Le Rozel, are great for surfing. These three surf spots are great because: They have a surf webcam, plenty of camping space and good surf in all seasons. The surf spots work with different surf conditions. Some waves are really good for longboarders and soft top enthusiasts, others will appeal more to shortboarders. Read our surf spot guide on Siouville here.

surf la palue

La Palue Surf Guide

Brittany is home to many surf spots, such as La Torche, La Palue and Quiberon. The Crozon Peninsula is a perfect surf destination when there is not much swell in the Atlantic. When the waves are under 4 ft, La Palue is one of the only beaches that produces waves. Crozon is still a bit undiscovered by surfing tourism, while La Palue is an absolute world class beach break. Uncrowded, far from any surf camps or hostels, and beautiful surroundings. Here is FoamieCrews surf spot guide on La Palue.

vision foam surfboard review

Vision 8’0 Soft top review

Vision is a surfboard brand that is mainly active in Europe and New Zealand. Their soft boards are a surf school favorite. If you’re an advanced/intermediate surfer, the 8′ Softlite might be a good addition to your surfboard collection. We’ve had the Vision Softlite 8’0 for over a year now and what’s our verdict? Surprisingly the Vision soft top has become our most used board in Portugal. See some footage of us surfing the Vision Softlite mini malibu and read our full review here.

is surfing dangerous for beginners

Is surfing dangerous for beginners?

Is surfing dangerous for beginners? When compared to other board sports surfing isn’t as dangerous. When we’re looking at the likelihood of getting hurt, snowboarding, wakeboarding and skateboarding are known to cause many more injuries than surfing. As a surfer your speed is relatively low and the water will absorb most of your crashes. However, there are some dangers involved in surfing. We’ll tell you all about the dangers in surfing and how to avoid them. Plus: the crew shares it’s surfing injury list.

indio fishy 5'6 review pukas

Indio by Pukas surfboard review – Fishy 5’6 soft top

Spains prime surf board brand Pukas recently initiated its soft top label Indio. Indio has released a whole range of soft surfboards, varying from small foam nuggets to 10ft SUPs. They have two fish-shaped models. We tested the Indio 5’6 Fishy – a small but wide entry level foam surfboard. Our review of the Indio Fishy was in 1ft onshore conditions. Our verdict: It really feels like a great surfboard for intermediate surfers that aren’t too heavy. However, the 5’6 Fishy has some downsides too (hint: durability and flex). Enjoy our review of the Pukas foam fishy.

Tim Swallow

Soft top surfboards for beginners? Think again!

A decade ago foamies were almost exclusively used by surf rentals and surf schools. O, how times have changed! Soft tops have been embraced by surfers of all abilities – also the pro’s! I think the street cred that soft tops have now is for a large part a result of pro surfers getting on the foamie band wagon. Seeing (semi) pro surfers shred waves to pieces on foam boards… all of a sudden advanced surfers want to ride soft tops too! See how Mick Fanning, Lee Ann Curren, Bethany Hamilton, Jamie O’Brien and Ben Gravy get their piece of the foam pie.

Soft top surfboards not recyclable? 5 foam brands that show the mass industry how it’s done

It’s commonly known that foam surfboards are products of the petrochemical industry. Foamies haven’t got the best reputation when it comes to sustainability. Are soft top surfboards just adding to the plastic soup? We want to introduce some young surf companies that are working on a more eco technology of making soft tops. Meet Spooked Kooks from Bondi, SkunkWorks from Ireland, Notos Korko from France and INT and Formula Fun from California.

best surf movies on youtube netflix

Best surf movies on Netflix, Youtube and

The internet is flooded with excellent free-to-watch surf movies and documentaries. If you know where to look, that is. If you dig deep you will find some quality, well directed and well-shot surf films out there. We wanted to make a list of the best surf movies on Youtube, Netflix and In order to do that, we’ve selected surf films that are long and have a story. Here’s our top 5 of Netflix, Youtube and Open a bottle of wine and invite your friends over.