Surf Spot Guide Siouville

FoamieCrews spot guide for the Normandy west coast! In the North of France, Siouville and its surrounding Sciotot and Le Rozel, are great for surfing. These three surf spots are great because: They have a surf webcam, plenty of camping space and good surf in all seasons. The surf spots work with different surf conditions. Some waves are really good for longboarders and soft top enthusiasts, others will appeal more to shortboarders. Read our surf spot guide on Siouville here.

surf la palue

La Palue Surf Guide

Brittany is home to many surf spots, such as La Torche, La Palue and Quiberon. The Crozon Peninsula is a perfect surf destination when there is not much swell in the Atlantic. When the waves are under 4 ft, La Palue is one of the only beaches that produces waves. Crozon is still a bit undiscovered by surfing tourism, while La Palue is an absolute world class beach break. Uncrowded, far from any surf camps or hostels, and beautiful surroundings. Here is FoamieCrews surf spot guide on La Palue.