Surf Spot Guide Siouville

FoamieCrews spot guide for the Normandy west coast! In the North of France, Siouville and its surrounding Sciotot and Le Rozel, are great for surfing. These three surf spots are great because: They have a surf webcam, plenty of camping space and good surf in all seasons. The surf spots work with different surf conditions. Some waves are really good for longboarders and soft top enthusiasts, others will appeal more to shortboarders. Read our surf spot guide on Siouville here.

surf la palue

La Palue Surf Guide

Brittany is home to many surf spots, such as La Torche, La Palue and Quiberon. The Crozon Peninsula is a perfect surf destination when there is not much swell in the Atlantic. When the waves are under 4 ft, La Palue is one of the only beaches that produces waves. Crozon is still a bit undiscovered by surfing tourism, while La Palue is an absolute world class beach break. Uncrowded, far from any surf camps or hostels, and beautiful surroundings. Here is FoamieCrews surf spot guide on La Palue.

what type of soft top should i get

What type of soft surfboard? A short guide to foamie shapes

The great thing is: the past years a wide range of new soft boards have entered the market. Ten years ago it were primarily the surf schools that worked with foamies. The shapes were basically mini malibus. Round nose and tail, nothing too innovative. Since the soft top revolution in the 2010s a ton of cool and diverse shapes have been added to the market. Egg shapes, mini simmons, logs, fishes, you name it! Ultimately, the key to finding the right board is determining how you will use it and what board will help you have the most fun in the water! To help you decide on what to try, I’ve put together some descriptions of different shapes, plus videos of amateur surfers riding them. Enjoy this little guide!


The Ultimate Guide to Decathlon Foam Surfboards

– A complete guide with pictures of all foam Olaian! – Olaian is Decathlons’ surf brand. They offer soft tops at very attractive pricing… But are they any good? And what board should you buy? A board too heavy can really hinder your progression in learning maneuvers, while a board too small might prevent you from catching the waves you want. Although the Olaian boards come at a friendly price, it’s still an investment. That’s why it’s smart to consider what Olaian board fits your type of surfing. We are here to help you make the right decision and achieve what all of us want: to catch more waves and to surf better.

surf spots caños meca

Surfing in Caños de Meca

Most surfers don’t know that there are waves in the South of Spain. But honestly: Andalusia and the Costa de la Luz are one of the best winter surf destinations in Europe. Especially for longboarders and soft top surfers. Los Caños de Meca has some really good surf spots that are sheltered from east winds. What makes this Andalusian town so special? It has several breaks: one for shortboarders and two that are perfect for longboard surfing. And to top that off: there’s also a vicious bodyboard slab and a pro-barrel reef. All in a 1 km bay. If you like long and easygoing waves and you don’t mind to surf on a reef – check out the longboard spots in Los Caños de Meca!

soft top surfboard price list

How much does a soft top surfboard cost? PRICE GUIDE

Ok, apart from the cheapest one (around €60 from an online -only Amazon model) decently manufactured soft tops start at around €120. CostCo or Decathlon are your go-to retailers if you’re looking for a cheap but fun soft top. Around €300 there’s a whole lot of shapes and brands you can choose from. If you want to buy a high performance soft tops you are looking at €400 to €500. Why should you pay over 400 bucks if you can get a foamie for half that price? In this article we explain all about soft top brands, models and prices.

repair a soft top surfboard

How to fix a soft top surfboard the quick way

Foamies can handle blunt impact pretty well but they’re not so good with sharp objects. In fact, it’s pretty likely that you will get a hole or cut in the soft top deck eventually. Fortunately, there’s a quick way to fix a cut on the deck of a soft top. Also if you have limited tools at your disposal. I had a fin cut on my soft top recently. It was on a surf trip with absolutely no glue nor glue store anywhere near. The waves were foamie heaven so I was frothing to paddle back out. We managed to fix the board really quick and I was out in the line up in less than 5 minutes! All we used was a pocket knife, a lighter and surf wax.

best fish soft tops foamiecrew

Best soft top fish surfboards

Does a fish tail make sense on a soft top? When the sea offers medium height and a bit of steepness, a fish is a good choice. Fish boards generally have little rocker – which makes it easier to generate speed in small waves. The split tail supports round turns and smooth transitions. It turns out that a fish or swallow tail works pretty well on foam boards as well! From INT to Liquid Shredder: We made a list of some of the hottest fish foamies available.

softtop surfboard kopen

Should I buy a foamie? If you’d like to catch more waves then..YES!

I often get the question: Should I buy a soft top surfboard? And despite the tremendous innovation around foamies, I would still say it’s not for everyone. There are several reasons to buy a soft top surfboard. Foamies have some clear benefits over regular surfboards. We’ve put together this little guide to help you answer the question “Should I get a soft top surfboard?” and we’ve listed seven reasons why we prefer our foamie over a rigid surfboard. Sometimes.