best surf vlogs european

Best Euro surf vlogs – 5 Youtube channels to binge

I’ve listed five of the best European surf vloggers on Youtube. Their vlogs are full of stoke, surf and travel. Since the most popular surf vlogs – J.O.B. vlogs and Ben Gravy – are American, I thought it was time to shine a light on surfing vlogs from other countries. Starting with: Europe! FYI: most surf vloggers in this list are NOT pro’s. That’s what makes their video’s so relatable. Here are Sebastian Steudtner, Kelly Says Surf, Barely Livin, Luka Lacoste and Quemalavida! Binge time!

olaian decathlon longboards new

Olaian Longboard Range – 2019 surfboard review

Olaian launched a line of well-designed and decently priced hard top longboards. The three new 2019 models look really sharp and we couldn’t wait to dive into the specs. What is the difference between the Decathlon longboards and Torq or NSP longboards? What makes the ‘performance’ longboard stand out from the other 9’0? The new Olaian 9′ is based on the old Tribord 9′, a well-priced longboard with a two+one fin option. Besides the new 9′, Decathlon introduces a high-end 9′ performance longboard with a round tail and a two+one fin setup. The third new model is the Olaian 9’4 single fin – the tallest longboard developed by Decathlon till date. The redesign under the Olaian brand has done well for the looks of the longboards!

MF softboards Eugenie

MF Softboards Review – the MF Eugenie 5’10

The Eugenie by MF Softboards is a performance foam surfboard. Mick Fanning started MF Softboards recently and has brought some interesting foam surfboards on the market. The Eugenie model is a thruster that comes in various sizes. I tested the 5’10 and I had a blast surfing on this foamie. It honestly feels like riding a rigid board which makes turning and pumping much easier. The 5’10 Eugenie allows you to paddle in all sorts of waves and make proper turns like you would on a shortboard. I preferred it to the MF Twin 5’8 that I also tested. The MF softboards are much different from other foam boards. Here’s why –

what type of soft top should i get

What type of soft surfboard? A short guide to foamie shapes

The great thing is: the past years a wide range of new soft boards have entered the market. Ten years ago it were primarily the surf schools that worked with foamies. The shapes were basically mini malibus. Round nose and tail, nothing too innovative. Since the soft top revolution in the 2010s a ton of cool and diverse shapes have been added to the market. Egg shapes, mini simmons, logs, fishes, you name it! Ultimately, the key to finding the right board is determining how you will use it and what board will help you have the most fun in the water! To help you decide on what to try, I’ve put together some descriptions of different shapes, plus videos of amateur surfers riding them. Enjoy this little guide!

surfing in locquirec

Surfing in Locquirec Bretagne

France is a famous for surfing. Biarritz, Hossegor, Lacanau… these are renowned surf spot. However: France has much more to offer than just Aquitaine beach breaks! North Brittany is one of the French regions with the most points, bays and mellow long waves (which we love at FoamieCrew). Locquirec is one of the most versatile surf spots in the North West of France. What makes this town in Bretagne so special? See our map of the beaches around Locquirec: Pors ar Villiec, Sables Blancs, Moulin de la Rive, Poul Roudou and Fond de la Baie.

gopro soft top surfboard

How to mount a GoPro on a soft top

It’s crazy if you think about the amount of GoPro’s and other action cams that end up on the ocean floor each year. Most people think a regular adhesive Surfboard Mount will do – BUT THEY’RE WRONG and you’ll see why in the next alinea. So what does work on soft boards? There are three different ways to attach an Action cam to a foam surfboard:
1. Use a Bodyboard Mount
2. Use a Leash Plug Mount
3. Use Clams or Jaw-type Action Cam Holders
They all involve some extra gear that you have to purchase (starting from €10). All three methods of attaching your action cam to your foam surfboard have different pros and cons. We hope this little guide on how to mount a GoPro on a soft top surfboard is useful to you!

softech handshaped 8 review

Softech Handshaped 8’0 review – our experience with this soft top

Softech has expanded its foam surfboard range immensely the past years. It now has fishes, quads, mini simmons…you name it! We tested a more traditional Softech soft top: the Softech 8’0 of the Handshaped line. The yellow / blue soft boards are a common sight in surf schools and rentals. But how is the Softech 8’0 for intermediate surfers? Does it allow you to do turns and catch steeper waves? We rode the board and here is our verdict: the Softech Handshaped 8’0 is a good board for absolute beginners or for people that like longboarding. We can say that it’s also a fun board for intermediate surfers. It paddles into waves pretty easily and is stiff enough to make some mellow longboard style turns. 

are decathlon surfboards any good

Are Decathlon surfboards good? Here’s what 6 owners say

Are Olaian soft tops good? What’s the performance of Decathlon foam boards? The prices are so attractive that a lot of people have doubts as to how well these soft tops surf. We thought it was time to get some opinions of other Decathlon foam surfboard owners. Do they think Olaian soft tops are any good? We have gathered information on how people around the world, with different ages and skill levels, think of their Olaian soft top. A must read if you’re thinking about buying a soft top surfboard. Read all about the pro’s and cons of Olaian foam boards, as told by their owners.

are decathlon surfboards any good

Zijn Decathlon Surfboards goed? Dit is wat 6 eigenaars zeggen

NEDERLANDS- De surfboards van Decathlon zijn zo goedkoop dat veel mensen twijfels hebben of de kwaliteit wel goed is. Een softtop voor €160…zijn die goed eigenlijk. Dus leek het ons goed om eens te kijken welke reviews er nog meer waren van de Olaian softtops. We hebben informatie verzameld over hoe mensen wereldwijd, met verschillende leeftijden en skill levels, denken over hun Olaian foamie. Dit is een must-read als je erover denkt om een soft top surfboard te kopen. Lees over de pro’s en cons van Decathlon soft surfboards – uit de mond van gebruikers.