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Surfing in Locquirec Bretagne

France is a famous for surfing. Biarritz, Hossegor, Lacanau… these are renowned surf spot. However: France has much more to offer than just Aquitaine beach breaks! North Brittany is one of the French regions with the most points, bays and mellow long waves (which we love at FoamieCrew).

Locquirec is one of the most versatile surf spots in the North West of France. What makes this town in Bretagne so special?

locquirec surf spot guide
Locquirec surf spot map

The coast of northern Brittany offers plenty of shelter from west winds. The landscape consists of beautiful bays and points. However, it does require some driving to check several spots. That’s why Locquirec is one of our favorite surf spots: Around the little town there are several breaks: some perfect for shortboarders and others are great for longboard surfing. All in a few kilometers distance. Here’s a spot guide to surfing in Locquirec with all about the different surf beaches around Locquirec. 



Locquirec Bretagne

Locquirec is a typical sleepy French town. There are a few bars and restaurants but nothing too big. There are some surf schools and rentals, though.

The region is great for surfing but it isn’t very warm and sunny. What does make Locquirec one of my favorite surf destinations is that it’s well protected from winds. The Roscoff peninsula on the west side and the Perros-Guirec region on the east side block most of the towns winds. This results in slightly cleaner waves than in exposed west-facing breaks that you’d find in other parts in Bretagne.

In summer this region get’s some little waves (and some tourists). If you’re coming here to surf, Locquirec is best at the end of summer and in autumn. In those months the water is still comfortable. But in general: this region gets waves the whole year. The one advantage of Locquirec is that it’s sheltered from West winds. (see in our Locquirec Surf Spot Map)


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Surf Spots Locquirec


1. Pors Ar Villiec

Pors Ar Villiec, or Porza, as the locals call it, is the main break in town. It’s a beautiful bay. From the lineup you have a view on the village of Locquirec and some beautiful houses on the cliffs.

There are some rocks in the water – mainly in the middle of the beach. The waves are mellow towards the west and get more powerful in the middle of the bay. It can be really crowded in the water but every time we were there the vibe was mellow!

Swell + tide conditions

Swells from the Atlantic are often joined by west winds. Luckily, at Pors ar Villiec (or Villec) you’re sheltered from West winds. Needs a bit of swell to get around the cliffs. This spot only works on high tide. When the swell is small you better try the more exposed spots around the corner. 

2. Sables Blancs

Only a few yards away from the village beach Porza – but the Sables Blancs beach feels so remote! This isn’t a beginners spot as there are more rips and less people around.

Swell + tide conditions

Pics up more than Porza but needs tranquil weather to work. Is more exposed to wind than the bay in town. 

On 1.13 you’ll see the Moulin de la Rive bay, and on 1.30 first the Sables Blancs and then Porza beaches. 


3. La Moulin de la Rive

One of the most accessible breaks. A large beach with only some small rocks. There a rivermouth on Moulin de la Rive. When we were there we struggled with the excessive seaweed that was floating around in the surf. Locals told us that this is a serious environmental problem: Farmers in the region use fertilizers which the river carries to the sea. These (synthetic) fertilizers cause the naturally present seaweed to explode. Not fun if you’re duck diving!

Swell + tide conditions

Tends to break similar as Porza but works on other tides. 

surfing locquirec
Offshore day at Moulin de La Rive, Locquirec

4. Poul Rodou

This is the most remote beach in the Locquirec area, at the end of the Rue de Pol Rodou (or sometimes spelled Roudou).  This isn’t the spot that Locquirec is known for but there are some uncrowded waves to be found here.

I’ve never surfed here. But Bar Caplan & Co is a nice place to get warm after a winter surf session!

5. Fond de la Baie

Fond de la Baie means as much as ‘the deep bay’ and we can see why. This is a beautiful inlet, full of marine life, that runs dry on the low tide. It’s worth the venture to the side of Kerdréhoret and Pointe de Plestin if you want to find uncrowded waves. It’s usually flat there.

If you are looking for beginner waves or SUP rides – or if the swell is too big for the other Locquirec spots – take a look at this side of the bay.

Does FoamieCrew have more Spot Guides? Yes, we do! We have this one, here.



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