Video: Decathlon Olaian Foam Surfboard Test

The 2019 Decathlon Olaian high performance foamie

Update: Decathlon gave the 900 6 a redesign. The black top got too hot in the sun, so they changed the color of the 900 foamie to white. The tech and dimensions have stayed the same.

– A fun, versatile foam surfboard that’s a whole lot more capable than the price suggests. However…I wouldn’t call it a performance surfboard. Here’s why –

The Olaian 900 6 foam surf board is a shortboard-shaped performance foamie. It’s a bit pricier than the Olaian 100 6′ as it has some distinguishing features. Based on the looks it’s a lot fancier than the 100 6’0. Also, in terms of features, it easily beats his cheaper twin. For starters, the Olaian 6′ foamie comes with a tailpad. The bottom sheet has… Read more in our full review on this page.

Or check out the 2019 version here on Decathlons’ site.

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