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Best surf movies on Netflix, Youtube and

The internet is flooded with excellent free-to-watch surf movies and documentaries. If you know where to look, that is. If you dig deep you will find some quality, well directed and well-shot surf films out there. We wanted to make a list of the best surf movies on Youtube, Netflix and In order to do that, we’ve selected surf films that are long and have a story. Here’s our top 5 of Netflix, Youtube and Open a bottle of wine and invite your friends over.

best surf vlogs european

Best Euro surf vlogs – 5 Youtube channels to binge

I’ve listed five of the best European surf vloggers on Youtube. Their vlogs are full of stoke, surf and travel. Since the most popular surf vlogs – J.O.B. vlogs and Ben Gravy – are American, I thought it was time to shine a light on surfing vlogs from other countries. Starting with: Europe! FYI: most surf vloggers in this list are NOT pro’s. That’s what makes their video’s so relatable. Here are Sebastian Steudtner, Kelly Says Surf, Barely Livin, Luka Lacoste and Quemalavida! Binge time!