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Best Euro surf vlogs – 5 Youtube channels to binge

I’ve listed five of the best European surf vloggers on Youtube. Their vlogs are full of stoke, surf and travel. Since the most popular surf vlogs – J.O.B. vlogs and Ben Gravy – are American, I thought it was time to shine a light on surfing vlogs from other countries. Starting with: Europe!

Fyi: most surf vloggers in this list are NOT pro’s. That’s what makes their video’s so relatable.


1. Sebastian Steudtner


Remember that name? Steudtner was the guy that broke Youtube with an incredibly angry looking wave at Nazaré in 2017. See the wave (Billabong XXL entry) here.

As it turns out the German big wave surfer has a Youtube vlog too. In his vlogs, Sebastian Steudtner takes you with him into the world of European big wave surfing. You’ll get to see the preparations for Nazaré tow-ins, slab hunting in Galicia and the general life of a European pro surfer.


2. Kelly Says Surf


My favorite British surf vlog! Hannah and Dannie are hilarious. They take the viewer along on their journey to become better surfers (and filmers). Watching their vlogs is like going on a trip with your best friends.

You can look back and actually see the progression that these girls have made in surfing. I wish they’d launch more vlogs than only a few a year. They are absolute personalities! Totally enjoying the shorebreak sends and the head dips!

If you want a little background on Hannah and Dannie:

“It all started, once upon a time, on a cold autumn day in Newquay when two girls didn’t want to surf the 2ft onshore mush. That was until someone pointed out that 11x world champion (and full-blown legend) Kelly Slater says you have to surf all kinds of waves (including the crappy ones) to improve. Not sure whether they were his exact words or not, the girls decided to film their mission of surfing all types of waves throughout the UK winter. At the end of it they had a load of footage and no idea what to do with it, so they put together Kelly Says Episode 1 and decided to share the stoke.”


3. Jack Buckingham


A surf vlog from Cornwall, UK! This is a vlog that debuted quite recently so we have to see if will stick. If you look into Jacks’ bio, you’ll see that he’s not only a surfer but also a photographer and a filmmaker. The first few vlogs look promising with plenty of waves being ridden and some good quality camera work. Some car ‘on my way to the surf’ shots, some water angle action shots and drone film here and there. Jack Buckingham is (on his way to becoming) a professional surfer. He rides for Protest and some other brands.

I like Jacks’ style of vlogging. It’s honest. He’s a natural in front of the camera. He has a habit of reviewing and criticizing his own surfing, sharing with the viewers what he likes to improve. This vlog is easy to watch. No forged jokes, not too much private life stuff. Just a guy that surfs a lot.


4. Luka Lacoste


Luka is a teen from the French coast. This guy is a natural in front of the camera and has built a huge following with his energetic surf vlogs.

The vlogs are in French but they’re super fun to watch even if you don’t understand the language. Oh and did we mention that he’s an avid soft top surfer? Luka is a true omni man: he surfs anything from bodyboards to 9 foot Olaian logs. The new J.O.B. we think!

The vlog you see in this article is about the unfortunate death of his Olaian 100 8′. Luka tells us how he broke the board and then gives an hommage to his favorite Decathlon soft top. If you want to skip the French blatter and go straight to the surf action – go to 2:42. Here you’ll see some good surfing on the 8 ft Olaian board.

If you’re interested in a soft top like Luka’s – check out our Ultimate Guide to Decathlon Soft Tops. 


5. Quemalavida Vlog


Manu is a surf vlogger from Spain in his end thirties. He’s got a lot of videos about European surf destinations. Besides surf footage his vlogs contain quite some product reviews.

His vlogs are in Spanish and feature beautiful shots of Spanish surf spots such as Mundaka, El Palmar and Fuerteventura. For Manu, surfing is his life therapy. With his videos he wants to bring positive energy to the world. What FoamieCrew loves about his vlogs is that he surfs pretty good on all kinds of quiver: singlefins, shortboards and soft tops!

By the way: if you’re curious about surfing in the South of Spain (not the Mediterranean, but the Atlantic coast south of Seville, you might want to check out our spot guide of Caños de Meca here.

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