Softech Mason Twin review

How is the performance of this Softech high performace foam board? We put the Mason Signature Model 5’6 twin to the test.

– The shape of this board just makes so much sense. Wide, short ánd a fish tail.

– This board is probably very well suited for small shorebreaks

Softech Foam Surfboards

Softech is a brand of the Australian Surf Hardware International – the same company that owns FCS, Hydro and Gorilla. Their boards are widely available in the USA, Australia Japan and Europe.

Softech has expanded its foam surfboard range immensely the past years. It now has fishes, quads, mini simmons…you name it! Softech has divided it’s surfboard range into two divisions: the ‘Performance’ line and the ‘Original Series’. The Mason Twin falls into the former. A great shape for a very affordable price.

What does the brochure say?

Softech writes: “The Mason Ho Signature Twin will open your imagination, and inject you with a dose of stoke on every wave. When it comes to the board’s performance, think fast, loose and free spirited.”

The Twin is built with EPS 100% Waterproof X-Density Core and a single stringer. The soft top comes in 5’2 and 5’6.

Dimensions: 5’6″ x 21″ x 2 5/8″ x 35 Liters.

Our review

The board is super light weight. I was impressed. It was the second time I ever surfed a foamie with a fish tail, the other being the MF DHD Twin (you can read our review of the Mick Fanning Fish here).

I rented the board from a surf rental in Ericeira. The board had been used countless times and that was visible. The top layer of the board started to peel tiny plastic sheets. Otherwise the rails and bottom sheet still looked really solid.

Paddling into the wave was easy. The Softech Twin has plenty of volume which makes it perfect for chop waves, whitewater take-offs and small shorebreaks. The fish tail gives a nice, firm push right before you stand up. The board really wants to glide down the wave. Not like any Torq or NSP I have surfed that have a similar shape and size. Those boards are slow and heavy. The Mason Twin is fast and light.

The negative point about the Mason Ho model is the weight. It was so incredibly light that on bigger waves (and I mean shoulder high, so that’s not even that big) the board started to plane. Every bump in the wave tended to launch te board in the air. I’m 60kg and I felt as if I was 30kg on that board!

In bigger waves the foamie just doesn’t really dig its fins or rails nicely in the wave. It really stays afloat on top of the water. As an intermediate shortboarder who wants to practice snaps and turns, I felt that this foamie did not really work for me. I can imagine that for beginner shortboarders or for very advanced surfers the Mason Ho model can be super fun.

This soft top is slowly turning into a scaled dinosaur
The Softech Mason Ho Twin with two proper fins!
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