vision foam surfboard review

Vision 8’0 Soft top review

Vision is a surfboard brand that is mainly active in Europe and New Zealand. Their soft boards are a surf school favorite. If you’re an advanced/intermediate surfer, the 8′ Softlite might be a good addition to your surfboard collection. We’ve had the Vision Softlite 8’0 for over a year now and what’s our verdict? Surprisingly the Vision soft top has become our most used board in Portugal. See some footage of us surfing the Vision Softlite mini malibu and read our full review here.

olaian decathlon longboards new

Olaian Longboard Range – 2019 surfboard review

Olaian launched a line of well-designed and decently priced hard top longboards. The three new 2019 models look really sharp and we couldn’t wait to dive into the specs. What is the difference between the Decathlon longboards and Torq or NSP longboards? What makes the ‘performance’ longboard stand out from the other 9’0? The new Olaian 9′ is based on the old Tribord 9′, a well-priced longboard with a two+one fin option. Besides the new 9′, Decathlon introduces a high-end 9′ performance longboard with a round tail and a two+one fin setup. The third new model is the Olaian 9’4 single fin – the tallest longboard developed by Decathlon till date. The redesign under the Olaian brand has done well for the looks of the longboards!

MF softboards Eugenie

MF Softboards Review – the MF Eugenie 5’10

The Eugenie by MF Softboards is a performance foam surfboard. Mick Fanning started MF Softboards recently and has brought some interesting foam surfboards on the market. The Eugenie model is a thruster that comes in various sizes. I tested the 5’10 and I had a blast surfing on this foamie. It honestly feels like riding a rigid board which makes turning and pumping much easier. The 5’10 Eugenie allows you to paddle in all sorts of waves and make proper turns like you would on a shortboard. I preferred it to the MF Twin 5’8 that I also tested. The MF softboards are much different from other foam boards. Here’s why –

softech handshaped 8 review

Softech Handshaped 8’0 review – our experience with this soft top

Softech has expanded its foam surfboard range immensely the past years. It now has fishes, quads, mini simmons…you name it! We tested a more traditional Softech soft top: the Softech 8’0 of the Handshaped line. The yellow / blue soft boards are a common sight in surf schools and rentals. But how is the Softech 8’0 for intermediate surfers? Does it allow you to do turns and catch steeper waves? We rode the board and here is our verdict: the Softech Handshaped 8’0 is a good board for absolute beginners or for people that like longboarding. We can say that it’s also a fun board for intermediate surfers. It paddles into waves pretty easily and is stiff enough to make some mellow longboard style turns. 

are decathlon surfboards any good

Are Decathlon surfboards good? Here’s what 6 owners say

Are Olaian soft tops good? What’s the performance of Decathlon foam boards? The prices are so attractive that a lot of people have doubts as to how well these soft tops surf. We thought it was time to get some opinions of other Decathlon foam surfboard owners. Do they think Olaian soft tops are any good? We have gathered information on how people around the world, with different ages and skill levels, think of their Olaian soft top. A must read if you’re thinking about buying a soft top surfboard. Read all about the pro’s and cons of Olaian foam boards, as told by their owners.


The Ultimate Guide to Decathlon Foam Surfboards

– A complete guide with pictures of all foam Olaian! – Olaian is Decathlons’ surf brand. They offer soft tops at very attractive pricing… But are they any good? And what board should you buy? A board too heavy can really hinder your progression in learning maneuvers, while a board too small might prevent you from catching the waves you want. Although the Olaian boards come at a friendly price, it’s still an investment. That’s why it’s smart to consider what Olaian board fits your type of surfing. We are here to help you make the right decision and achieve what all of us want: to catch more waves and to surf better.